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Buddleja ‘Lochinch’: a large and attractive butterfly bush

One of the finest members of the Buddleja family, B. ‘Lochinch’ is a large deciduous shrub with arching stems of pale green/grey foliage and abundant clusters of light purple flowers. Much loved by butterflies and bees, it is a fast-growing and attractive plant which is ideal for the rear of a mixed planting border.


Easy to grow and happy in most soils providing they aren’t susceptible to water-logging, B. ‘Lochinch’ prefers a sunny position, but can also tolerate some dappled shade. It can also cope with exposure to strong winds, making it a popular choice in coastal or hillside locations.


It is, if truth be told, a rather anonymous plant in spring, but is transformed in early to mi- summer when the abundant and eye-catching flowers appear. Slightly scented, and with distinct orange centres, the pretty blooms can last through to autumn. On bright sunny days, B. ‘Lochinch’ is covered with bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects.


B. ‘Lochinch’ requires minimal maintenance, although deadheading spent flower heads can promote more prolonged flowering. Some gardeners may also prefer to prune the foliage in late winter to encourage a tidier growth shape.


A useful plant for the rear of a mixed planting scheme, B. ‘Lochinch’ is a good companion plant for large shrubs such as Cotinus ‘Royal Purple’ or Mahonia ‘Charity’.



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