Professional, qualified and experienced: your local garden designer

If you are reading this then it is likely that you are looking for a local garden designer to help you with your garden project. Well, the good news is that here at Tythorne Garden Design we have a pretty simple approach to landscape and garden design: we want to help you enjoy your garden more.


Choosing a professional garden designer is the first step towards enjoying a fantastic new garden. We appreciate that finding the right landscape designer for your project can be a little daunting as well as exciting, so let’s take a moment to tell you how we work and how we’ll always try to make investing in your garden with Tythorne Garden Design as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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What do you want your new garden to be?

It's your garden and your project, so we start the garden design process by listening to you. It might sound simple, but what do you want your new garden to be? How do you want to use it? Is it going to be a perfect venue for alfresco entertaining? Is it going to be a calming retreat at the end of a busy working week? Or, is it going to simply be a safe and stimulating environment for you and your family?


What about the practicalities? Do you want your new garden to feel more spacious? More private? More practical? More beautiful? More exciting? More easy to look after? Tythorne Garden Design can provide beautiful and practical garden design ideas and solutions for your garden's issues and help you make the most of your space.

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Good garden design? Keep it simple!

Great landscape and garden design is about keeping things pretty simple. We always encourage our garden design customers to focus on doing a few things really well rather than being overly complicated and cluttered. You’ve no doubt heard of the “less is more” maxim? It’s often attributed to the modernist architect Mies Van der Rohe and, whilst we don’t think he created many gardens during his career, we are very happy to apply this philosophy to the gardens we design. Keep it simple and do it well.

Location, location, location

With apologies to a rather well-known TV couple of house-hunters, good garden design is also about location. Keep it grounded. With one or two possible exceptions, most successful gardens complement the property, the location and the surroundings. 


We can adapt our style to create traditional garden design and contemporary garden design (or, often, a happy balance between the two) but the best results are often largely dictated by the architecture and location of the property to which the garden serves.

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Beautiful AND practical garden design

Above all else, a well-designed garden has to be practical. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But a garden can be breathtakingly beautiful at first sight but will always be incredibly frustrating to live with if it isn’t fit for purpose. Quite simply, if you garden doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle and needs then it has failed and needs to be improved. We've all got a lot of the same issues when it comes to practicalities: Where do we store the wheelie bins?  Where does the washing line go? Where do we store the children’s bikes? How can we get from A to B quickly and safely when it suddenly begins to rain just as the BBQ is being served? 


Tythorne Garden Design always aims to design gardens that are beautiful AND practical.

Relax, you're in control of your garden design project

You will always be in control of your project when you invest in your garden with Tythorne Garden Design. Your initial garden design consultation will usually be free of charge (within our usual working areas) and without obligation, and we’ll follow this by producing a simple client brief to ensure that we have understood your requirements and what you are hoping to achieve.

Having agreed the project brief and measured and photographed the existing space, we can make a start on a design for your new garden. To ensure that you are completely happy with our ideas for your new garden we usually suggest scheduling a ‘garden design-in-progress' meeting a few weeks into the project. This provides an exciting opportunity for us to explain our thoughts, answer your questions and check that you are absolutely happy with our design. 


As always, we will listen to your feedback and will amend the layout accordingly to create a fully detailed garden design presentation plan that meets with your complete satisfaction. 

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Complementing your garden design: planting design and garden lighting design services

Great gardens are full of amazing plants and so Tythorne Garden Design offers a professional garden planting design service. We will create a bespoke planting plan to complement your garden design and to suit your specific tastes and requirements, and we’ll recommend the best plants for your soil type and conditions.


Tythorne Garden Design is pleased to also offer a professional garden lighting design. Great outdoor lighting design can make a world of difference to a garden, creating additional interest and atmosphere and ensuring that the garden can be enjoyed long into the evening. We offer expert garden lighting design advice, helping you to select the right garden lights, drivers and switching to create the perfect lighting scheme to complement your new garden.

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Clear and transparent fixed-price garden design fees

Wouldn’t life be simple if we all treated each other fairly and openly? We think so, and that’s why we are so proud to offer FREE initial garden design consultations (within our usual working area) and fixed-price garden design fees. It’s pretty simple- we charge according to the size of the garden we are asked to design, and we publish our prices on this website so that you have a good idea of the likely costs before you choose to get in touch with us.


We can usually verbally declare the exact fee for your garden design at our first meeting and we’ll always confirm it in writing prior to you deciding to commission Tythorne Garden Design for your garden project. And, for the vast majority of projects, we won’t ask you for payment until we have produced a garden design to your absolute satisfaction.


Tythorne Garden Design: garden design fees

Gardens up to 100m2 (approx. 1000ft2): £595

Gardens up to 500m2 (approx, 5000ft2): £695

Gardens up to 1,000m2 (approx. ¼ acre): £795

Gardens up to 2,000m2 (approx. ½ acre): £895

Gardens up to 4,000m2 (approx. 1 acre): £995

Gardens larger than 4,001m2 (approx. 1 acre): please ask for details


Planting design and garden lighting design services are charged at an additional cost.

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Want to see more?

Looking for inspiration? Why not take a look at our case studies and read about some of our favourite previous projects. Or, if your are looking to deal with a particular challenge in your garden, you might want to take a look at our garden design ideas.

Ready to discuss your garden design project in more detail?

Hopefully everything you have read here sounds good to you and you are ready to see how we can help you design your new garden, but please do get in touch if you have any questions about our garden design service.