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Chaenomeles 'Crimson and Gold': providing wonderful early spring colour and interest

After a long cold winter we all tend to crave a bit of colour and cheer in our gardens. And if it is early spring colour and interest we are after, Chaenomeles ‘Crimson and Gold’ really doesn’t disappoint.


Part of a large family of Chaenomeles, or Japanese quince as they are more commonly known, C. ‘Crimson and Gold’ is a compact and slightly untidy-looking deciduous shrub. It is fine as part of a mixed border, but really thrives when grown against a wall or fence where it will spread to create an attractive screen. It does have thorns, so a little care needs to be taken if it is going to be positioned near to paths or seating areas, but other than that it’s an easy to grow and well-behaved plant.


C. ‘Crimson and Gold’ is fully hardy for UK conditions, and will grow happily in most locations providing they are not too wet or too shady. It loves full sun (and always looks majestic on brighter days) but really doesn’t need it all day, so it is well worth considering for a north or east-facing location.


Chaenomeles are usually compact shrubs and so are perfect for smaller gardens. C. ‘Crimson and Gold’ is no exception to this, definitely preferring to grow sideways rather than upwards. That said, it will reach heights of 1-1.5m given enough time.


But, I promised you colour and interest so let’s focus on that for a moment. As the name suggests, C ‘Crimson and Gold’ boasts the most wonderfully bright and optimistic crimson coloured flowers, at the centre of which are lovely golden anthers and stamens (the parts of the flower which carry the pollen).


Bourne on bare stems, it is a perfect colour combination, and for a few weeks in early spring it never fails to provide welcome warmth and cheer. The simple and attractive flowers are followed by small fragrant yellow-green fruits that ripen later in the year and can be used for making preserves.


Spring is such a wonderful time of year for our gardens, full of so much energy and new life. Surrounded by fresh shoots and lush green leaves, we can easily find ourselves struggling to remember the comparative drabness of our winter gardens. As emptiness is replaced by abundance, I can’t think of a single plant that better represents the magic of early spring than Chaenomeles ‘Crimson and Gold’.

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