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Bringing your new garden to life with beautiful and practical planting design

Every great garden is full of amazing plants and Tythorne Garden Design can provide a complete planting design service, helping you to select the perfect plants for your project. 


We often find that many of our customers are a little nervous when it comes to choosing plants (most certainly wouldn’t claim to be gardeners), so we are always delighted to offer expert planting design advice to make things as simple as possible. We can guide you to the most appropriate perennials, shrubs, trees, climbers, ornamental grasses and bulbs to create just the effect you want.

Our knowledge of plants was limited so we needed advice of what to plant to give us visible interest all the year round.

As the plants are now becoming established, it is great to see the garden come to life. 

Tythorne listened to our ideas, added their own and came back with a wonderful planting design.

We wanted to make the best use of the space and gain advice on what to plant for our soil and environment.

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Your local garden planting designer

Tythorne Garden Design only design gardens within an hour or so from our base in south Lincolnshire, with most of our garden design and planting design commissions being for customers in Grantham, Stamford, Newark and the surrounding areas. Over the years we have built up considerable knowledge and understanding of the local soil types and conditions. The chances are we’ve previously designed a garden near to where you live, so we know which plants are likely to thrive in your garden.

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Year-round colour and low-maintenance planting design

Regardless of the scale of the garden, we often find that our customers' requirements for their new planting design is broadly similar. "Year-round colour and interest" and "low-maintenance planting" are the two most popular requests and we can usually design a planting scheme that will deliver on both counts. Creating low-maintenance planting design needs careful consideration, but with the right plant selection and plant spacing it is possible to produce a planting layout with a very favourable ‘pleasure to work ratio’.


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The complete planting design service

Garden planting design from Tythorne Garden Design is provided in the form of three documents. The first is a fully detailed planting plan, depicting every plant with positioning, quantities and botanical names. This is accompanied by a plant schedule, listing the plants by category along with total quantities required and suggested sizes for purchase. This is essentially a ‘shopping list’ and can be used to source costings from a local plant nursery or garden centre. Finally, we also provide a comprehensive plant maintenance pack with photographs and information about each of the suggested plants, including guidance regarding how to keep them looking good.


Our fixed-priced design fees for planting design are based upon the size of your garden and are published on this website.