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Garden lighting design: creating atmosphere and additional interest in your new garden

Good garden lighting design can make a world of difference to a garden. Whether you want to entertain your friends and family with a late BBQ, or simply just to create the perfect atmosphere for enjoying a summer’s evening alfresco G&T, great outdoor lighting can help you make the most of your new garden.


Your local garden lighting designer

Tythorne Garden Design is proud to be able to offer a comprehensive outdoor lighting design service. Our garden lighting design plans are tailored to each customer’s specific requirements and are designed to perfectly complement the garden’s key features. 

We start by listening to your garden lighting ideas- how and when do you want the lighting to work? What features do you want to illuminate? Do you want to be able to have different lights on at different times? Subtlety is usually the best policy when it comes to outdoor lighting, but we are here to guide you through the options to help you make the most of your garden.


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Outdoor lighting ideas for every garden

We can offer professional garden lighting advice for a range of scenarios, including water feature lighting, garden steps lighting, and garden path lighting. We can show you how to use shadows and subtle garden lighting layering to create wonderfully atmospheric effects, or how using garden lighting to highlight focal points or trees can instantly create an amazing sense of depth. 



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Garden lighting design: advice to help you make the right choices

For many of our customers, knowing where to begin with garden lighting can be a little daunting. There are so many different garden lighting products and lots of different suppliers. We will carefully guide you through the options and we’ll take care of the technical side of things. We can make recommendations for the best lights to use to ensure that we create the effect you want, as well as specifying the correct drivers and transformers, 240v and low-voltage cable runs and perfect switching systems. 


Wherever possible, we usually recommend warm white LED garden lighting, largely due to its efficiency and long-term reliability. Our preferred manufacturers for high quality garden lights are Hunza and Collingwood, whilst LandscapePlus providing an excellent range of drivers/transformers and remote control switching systems.

We can also offer advice about fountains, filters and pumps for water features.


Tythorne Garden Design: garden lighting design fees

Gardens up to 100m2 (approx. 1000ft2): £125

Gardens up to 500m2 (approx, 5000ft2): £145

Gardens up to 1,000m2 (approx. ¼ acre): £175

Gardens up to 2,000m2 (approx. ½ acre): £195

Gardens up to 4,000m2 (approx. 1 acre): £225

Gardens larger than 4,001m2 (approx. 1 acre): please ask for details


Garden design and planting design services are charged at an additional cost.