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Sustainability and environmental policy

Tythorne Garden Design is committed to creating gardens which enhance the lives of our customers without having an excessively detrimental impact on the environment and/or the local community.

In practical terms, we strive to follow this 10 point plan:

  1. Design for the long-term, with appropriate and durable products, materials and plants (including actively considering their ‘afterlife’ or ‘end-of-life’ impact).

  2. Create gardens which are able to respond to changes in climate and extreme weather events.

  3. Achieve a positive balance which prioritises planting areas over hard-landscaping.

  4. Create rich and varied planting solutions which sequester carbon and are actively beneficial to pollinators and other wildlife.

  5. Encourage our customers to select more sustainable hard-landscaping materials (e.g. sustainably produced, long-lasting and, where possible, locally sourced).

  6. Work with our landscaping partners to identify and utilise practical and sustainable construction techniques and materials which have lower environmental impacts.

  7. Seek to reuse existing materials or source reclaimed or recycled alternatives if they are available.

  8. Provide design solutions which actively seek to minimise excavation and reduce the amount of waste which needs to be removed from site.

  9. Use considered and proactive garden design to reduce the ongoing costs of maintenance, including the responsible use of water and electricity.

  10. Undertake regular CPD to ensure that we are aware of the latest innovations in sustainable garden design and construction.

Our lead designer, Ian McBain, is a fully registered Member of the Society of Garden Designers and we are proud to adopt the SGD's Manifesto for Sustainable Landscape and Garden Design. Launched in 2022, the Manifesto is a declaration of the Society of Garden Designers' intent and it is designed to establish principles and methodologies that encourage Members and Affiliated Business Partners to create gardens and landscapes where sustainability comes first. Tythorne Garden Design is also pleased to support the SGD's 'Say 'No' to Plastic Grass & Plants Campaign'.

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Ian was also part of the original cohort to take Small Business Britain's inaugural Sustainability Basics Programme in 2022. A fascinating and rewarding course, Sustainability Basic supported small businesses to adopt and develop more sustainable approaches to business operations, energy and transport, planning and supply chains. 

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