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Garden design in Stamford: your trusted and reliable local garden designer

Are you looking for a trusted and reliable local landscape garden designer for your project in or near Stamford? Tythorne Garden Design can help.

Garden designer for Stamford and Lincolnshire

We offer professional fixed fee garden design services for customers in Stamford and surrounding villages. Qualified, professional and experienced garden designers, we can help you make the most of your space and create the garden you have always wanted. Based in the tiny village of Oasby, just a short trip up the A1 from the heart of Stamford, we are ideally located to design beautiful and practical gardens across south Lincolnshire, Rutland and the East Midlands.


We choose to only accept garden design commissions within an hour or so from home (life is far too short to spend hours travelling in the car!) so we know the local area really well. The chances are that we have probably designed a garden pretty near to where you live at some point in recent years. Local knowledge is really important. It means, apart from anything else, that we know the soil and we know which plants are likely to thrive in your new garden.

Tythorne Garden Design Stamford garden with lights

Garden design ideas and solutions for every type of garden

Tythorne Garden Design is pleased to accept garden design commissions for a wide variety of different gardens. Traditional garden design, contemporary garden design, small garden design, large garden design, urban garden design, rural garden design, low-maintenance garden design, flat garden design, sloping garden design, rural garden design, urban garden design, … you get the idea. No matter what sort of garden you’ve got or want, we will probably be able to help you with a variety of garden design ideas.  

We are also pleased to offer a complete landscape planting design and garden lighting design services. We also design water features.

Designing your perfect new garden: listening to your individual requirements

Every single garden we design is bespoke and tailor made to suit the customer, the property and its setting. A successful project depends upon a really positive and honest relationship between the client and the garden designer. It’s your garden after all, so as well as using our experience and garden design know-how, we will work hard to always ensure that we listen carefully your individual requirements. 


garden design stamford planting by tythorne garden design

Professional fixed-price garden design fees

Wouldn’t life be simple if we all treated each other fairly and openly? We think so, and that’s why we are so proud to offer FREE initial garden design consultations (within our usual working area) and fixed-price garden design fees. It’s pretty simple- we charge according to the size of the garden we are asked to design, so the smaller the garden, the smaller the fee. 


We can usually declare the fee at the first meeting and we’ll always confirm it in writing prior to accepting a commission. And for the vast majority of projects we don’t ask for payment until we’ve produced a garden design to the customer’s satisfaction.


A garden designer near me?

So, if you are searching for “a garden designer near me” Tythorne Garden Design can help. Get in touch today and let's see how we can help you enjoy your garden more.

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