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Heuchera Palace Purple Tythorne Garden Design

Heuchera 'Palace Purple': providing colour and texture to any garden

Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’ is a particularly useful herbaceous perennial, adding colour and texture to any garden. There are lots of Heucheras available to garden designers like us, but we keep returning to ‘Palace Purple’ because it never fails to brighten up a mixed planting border.


A clump forming perennial that can be planted either in groups or as a single ‘feature’ plant, H. ‘Palace Purple’ has lovely purple leaves. Dark and almost bronze in colour on their tops, their contrasting undersides are a much lighter pink. Delicate-looking pale pink flowers begin to appear mid-height stems from mid- to late May, but we always think that they look their best in June.


Like most plants with purple foliage, H ‘Palace Purple’ prefers a sunny position. It can cope with some dappled shade but is usually much happier in full sun. It is tolerant of most soils providing they aren’t too wet or too dry and can cope with windy locations.


Generally very easy to grow, H. ‘Palace Purple’ can sometimes get a little ‘leggy’ after a few years, but it can be divided in autumn to produce fresh and vigorous new plants. Heucheras are however, rather susceptible to vine weevils so they are probably best avoided if these are known to be in your garden. Vine weevils can be very destructive and can decimate a clump of Heucheras in no time at all.


At 30cm tall, H. ‘Palace Purple’ is ideal for the front of a border. As garden designers, we often like to use it either side of a seating area or path. It’s lovely purple colouring always makes it stand out, making it particularly effectively for drawing the eye towards a favourite feature. It also makes a lovely companion to plants with a different texture; ornamental grasses contrast beautifully with Heucheras, as do lavender and bronze fennel.


We really wouldn’t want to be without Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’ in our gardens and it has become a firm favourite for many of our garden design customers. 

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