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Festuca ‘Elijah Blue’: the bluest of blue-green ornamental grasses

Festuca glauca ‘Elijah Blue’ is a compact evergreen ornamental grasses with a delightful silvery-blue colouring. Forming a dense cushion of foliage, the stiff fine leaves are pale blue when fresh but turn greener as we move into winter.


A diminutive perennial grass, F. ‘Elijah Blue’ reaches heights of 20-30cm, but plumes of pale blue flowers provided added height when they emerge from late spring into early summer. These gradually transition to golden-brown as they mature, providing additional texture and movement in they sway in the breeze.


Happy to grow in most well-drained soils, F. ‘Elijah Blue’ prefers a sunny location. It can cope with exposed or windy positions, and requires little in the way of maintenance. For neatness, some gardeners may prefer to ‘comb’ out any dead foliage in late winter, but this isn’t essential.


As with many ornamental grasses, F. ‘Elijah Blue’ works well as an individual ‘focal point’ specimen, but it can also look attractive when planted in drifts or groups. We particularly like to use it as a textural contrast alongside plants with larger leaves. Heuchera, Geranium and Salvia all make good-looking companions, but so do plants with similarly coloured foliage such as Lavandula and Stachys.



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