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Garden design solutions: 5 spring bulbs to enjoy in your garden this spring

The first few months of the year are arguably the most exciting for any gardener because we are surrounded by so much fresh growth and new life. But no spring garden is complete without a healthy selection of spring bulbs. The colour, flower and even fragrance they can provide is absolutely essential in our opinion, and whilst there are lots of bulbs to choose from, here is a quick guide to our top 5 ‘must have’ spring bulbs:


1. Daffodils (Narcissi): one of the most wonderful signs of spring, with yellow/orange/white trumpet-shaped, occasionally fragrant, blooms. Available in varying heights, daffs are very easy to grow, requiring little or no care. They prefer sunnier spots which are ideally free-draining. Plant in September-October, flower in February-April.


2. Crocus (Crocus): low growing (10cm) elegant flowers, sometimes fragrant. Very easy to grow, with a preference for sunny, well-drained, positions. Plant in September-October, flower in February-March.


3. Grape hyacinth (Muscari): glorious bright blue to purple flowers, 15cm high. Also easy to grow and spreading readily in well-drained soils, they are happy in full or partial sun. Plant in October-November, flower in March-May.


4. Tulips (Tulipa): brightly coloured flowers and enormously popular because they are easy to grow and available in a huge variety of colours and sizes. Tulips prefer sunny positions, ideally with a little shelter to protect their flower heads from the worst of the spring winds. Plant in October-November, flower in March-May.


5. Snowdrops (Galanthus) (pictured above): a beautifully optimistic indicator of the oncoming spring, who doesn’t like snowdrops? Their delicate ‘nodding’ flowers form low drifts of white, spreading readily in moist (but not water-logged) soil in partial shade. There are a surprisingly high number of snowdrops varieties to choose, including some that are fragrant and a few that will even flower in late autumn/early winter. Plant in late April-May, flower in January-March.



The majority of spring bulbs are sold in the autumn, and it usually better to purchase them as soon as they become available in order to acquire the freshest stock. It is always worth making a note in the diary or calendar to order our bulbs in time for us to be able to enjoy a stunning display the following spring.

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