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Euphorbia wulfenii: strange and prehistoric, and great in almost any garden

A fantastically architectural sub-shrub or woody perennial, Euphorbia characias wulfenii is an attractive and interesting plant. Ideal for the middle or back of a mixed planting border, it provides texture and colour throughout the year.


Part of the large and varied Euphorbia family, E. wulfenii grows to 90-120cm tall and has multiple stems of glaucous blue/green foliage. Large clusters of small lime yellow flowers appear between late spring and mid-summer, providing additional colour and interest. Happy in most well-drained soils, E. wulfenii is drought-resistant and prefers a sheltered location in full sun.


It is an easy plant to look after, although some growers may prefer to ‘tidy’ the plant by removing the flower stems at ground level when the blooms have finished. Care should be taken, however, when handling the plant because the stems bleed a milky sap which is toxic and a skin and eye irritant. Gloves and regular hand-washing are recommended.


E. wulfenii is an excellent choice for providing textural contrast, with perennials like Stachys, Nepeta & Salvia being attractive companions. Ornamental grasses also work well alongside E. wulfenii, with Stipa gigantea and Miscanthus ‘Kleine Silberspinne’ being good options.



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