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nepeta walkers-low

Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’: an attractive and aromatic mid-height perennial

Nepeta racemosa ‘Walker’s Low’ is a useful and versatile perennial which provides long-lasting colour, fragrance and interest from late-spring to early autumn. With aromatic silver-green foliage and tall spires of tiny purple/blue flowers, this is a great option for the front or middle of a mixed planting border.


Growing to heights of between 50-80cm, and tolerant of a variety of soil types providing they are free-draining, N. ‘Walker’s Low’ is a more compact than its well-known ‘sister’ plant Nepeta ‘Six Hill’s Giant’. Happiest in full sun or dappled shade, it is easy to grow and requires little in the way of maintenance. Having said that, cutting back after the initial flowers have faded can encourage fresh blooms and help to keep a more compact form.


Nepeta’s common name is catmint, and it is a popular plant with some cats (although not all, apparently, as some can’t pick up the scent).


We like to use N. ‘Walker’s Low’ as a mid-height ‘groundcover’ plant towards the front of a mixed planting border. It also works well as a path edging, forming an attractive ‘informal’ hedge. Excellent companion plants include Salvia, Lavandula, Sedum and Heuchera.



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